Fiberglass Boats - Fiberglass Runabouts


Fiberglass Runabouts of The 1950s are Pure Americana

I am warning you right now. The boats seen here, if studied long enough, will bend your mind, stretch your smile lines, frag your internal logic meter, and make you dizzy with delight. This is not because they are among the earliest fiberglass boats, which in the span of a decade replaced the centuries-old process of hand-crafting boats out of hardwood. It’s also not because they are finished in decidedly rebellious colors like turquoise and pink, or that they boast enough gleaming trim to shame a 1958 Buick. These boats are a mix of Jet Age car design and boat functionality — a short-lived cocktail that blossomed and browned in just a few years. So after even the briefest dive into this offbeat little collector segment, these boats make you wonder: What kind of beer goggles were they wearing in the 1950s, anyway?

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