Finally, it’s possible to have 600 horsepower in a 1969 Bronco

There’s something tremendously satisfying about the Gateway Broncos. As with their counterparts (and competitors) from boutique firms like Icon and Singer, the Gateways represent the past as we wished it had been: the perfectly-focused purity of design you remember, brought up to modern standards of quality and usability. Naturally, it comes at a price, and that price is usually a lot closer to $200,000 than it is to the $2000 first-generation Broncos used to fetch in newspaper classifieds.

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I thought cutting the rear fenders hurts the resale value. I’ll take mine painted in Olympia beer colors.

This is insane!. These old Broncos are basically unstable. Now you add almost unlimited power and a higher center of gravity to a vehicle that will tip over on you in a moment of inattention, a wet road or a high crosswind. That thing, however cute, is an insurance claim waiting to happen.

And you can strap a jet engine to your moped too.
I really don’t care what other people do, and I wish this company much success, but I just don’t get it.
The idea of a high performance SUV with an autobox is lost on me any way, but that much power in this platform seems to be neither fish nor fowl. Not to mention a bit unwieldy.
I’d take my old Bronco with a 4.9 straight six or maybe a 302 with GT40 heads and forged crank. Both options backed by a five-speed manual with a granny gear.
But I’m a weirdo.

What type of rear end to handle 600plus power?

@Jaa123 - Just about any rear end from the Big Three can be assembled to handle 600hp, with the Ford 9-inch being the most popular in many circles.