First Gen Camaro Interior


I recently purchased a 1967 Camaro convertible that had an interesting attempt at a restoration around 30 years ago. It never saw the road and then sat until I got it. It looks like they took what ever they could find to piece it together. For the most part its ok but the interior is a problem for me. The car was originally a bucket seat standard interior car but now it has the stock rear seat and rear door panels, deluxe front door panels, and 69 Camaro bucket seats. I want to make this thing look right but with the deluxe interior. I am hoping someone can answer these few questions…

  1. Are the bucket seat frames from 67-69 the same? I haven’t found a definitive answer online yet. To save money it would be nice if I could ditch the head rests in my 69 seats and just reupholster the frames with deluxe 67 foam and covers. Can I do this or do I need to find a different set of seats?

  2. Is the rear seat frame the same for standard and deluxe? I know foam and covers are different.

  3. is it true that the window regulators are different from deluxe to standard interior because of door panel thickness? Is that all 4 or just the fronts?

Thanks in advance.


The front seat frames are the same from 67-69. The rear seat frames are the same for std. and deluxe but there are three frames. One for convertible and two for coupes, regular and fold down. The front regulators are different but rears are the same. Good luck.


Awesome. Thank you. I am much happier that I can just upholster the 69 bucket seat to look like a 67. I will just take the headrest off and go without.

It turns out I have one regulator in the front that’s deluxe and one that’s standard so I need to buy one atleast. I think I might upgrade to power windows and maybe power top. Has anyone here done either of those?


Rick’s Camaros sells a kit to convert the top to power but it is pricey at about 2K. You can also buy all the parts to convert your windows to power. The windows are fairly straight forward but the top is a bit tricky to get all the adjustments correct. Good luck.


Thanks. Maybe I will skip the top conversion then. It will be down most of the time anyway.