First owner car - 1967 Camaro SS makes its way home | Hagerty Magazine


Chris Canfield thought he was just doing his due diligence in contacting the original owner of a 1967 Camaro SS that he’d found on Craigslist and hoped to buy. But things couldn’t have ended more differently for both Canfield and Robert Jordan, the original owner of the classic pony car.

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Chris, I, like you grew up loving the first generation Camaro’s. I have had several 1967 Camaro’s throughout my life, my current and will be my last due to my age is a 1967 Camaro, RS/SS, marina blue exterior, black interior, it has nearly every option that was offered for that year. I applaud you for passing the car on to the original owner, I am sure it was not an easy decision to make, but in my opinion, the right decision. It is about the car and its owner being reunited, you did good.



I have given up cars I love before and it makes it a lot easier when the new owner is so excited to own it. Easier, but not easy.