First production C8 Corvette will cross the block in Scottsdale

Barrett-Jackson and Chevrolet are joining forces again, this time to auction the first retail production 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray at Barrett’s 49th Annual Scottsdale Auction in January. Considering the current UAW strike will reportedly delay C8 production, there’s a possibility that VIN 001 might not be built in time to cross the block in Arizona.

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Within the next couple of years I anticipate enough special, anniversary, ZO6, C8 R tributes, ZR1…or even a Duntov Birthday edition to make this pale.
And then there’s Barrett-Jackson. They seem to be shameless in self-promotion thru charity so they’ll come up yet more one-offs for attention.
This will likely be forgotten until the first production C16.

Congratulations to GM/Chevrolet in giving 001 to charity. This type of gift is being done by more and more companies and is a tribute to the industry. And a huge thankyou to the persons bidding!

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And thanks to the auction houses that promote and sell these charity vehicles for free.

Top bidder being Rick Hendrick. And in other news…

I apologize in advance if anyone is offended but I grew up going to public schools and the only charity was a 10 cent grilled cheese. Auctions get a write off, GM gets a write off and the millionaire that buys gets a write off. Just saying if they have that much to give fix the water for those kids.

Jim & Tony: Are you really that negative about charity and life?

The minute I see a charity car coming up on the block, click goes the channel. They just take way too much time. Maybe good for charity but it makes boring TV.

Buying the first C8 at auction for a large number makes sense if you’re rich. You can give money to charity get the write off and get an essentially free car in the bargain.

You beat me to it!
Why bother with the auction BS, we all know Rick Hendrick will be the high bidder, so just have him write a multi-million dollar check to the charity…and move on!

for me everybody gets a win. Whenever we have positive inter-org cooperation it’s g r e a t to me. Thank you 1’n ALL. I don’t care ifa ‘big guy’ (or co.) gets some attention. Its the help that matters…

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I can’t believe the negativity hrtr.
Of couRse Barrett-Jackson gets some positive publicity out of this. They are a business, it’s called CAPITALISM. But it’s for a damn good cause. Of course Chevy gets some good PR, same reason. I don’t care if Rick Hendrick or whoever buys the car, it’s all good.
I just wish the democrats that have controlled Detroit since the dark ages could properly fund their own schools and not need charity.
But God bless everyone involved. And if charity auctions bore you to the point of clicking off the channel, there are always reruns of Cops or Jesse Springer to enrich your life!

That would be Jerry Springer

Hard to understand why anything done these days has to offend someone to the point of broadcasting a negative remark. A lot of valid points made, but so what! I think that God has blessed us all in different ways (I know that is another minority offensive notion). While we all have been given the same amount of time each day, we have not all been given the same amount of money. A blessing that some are willing to give some back for a good cause. Rick Hendrick, Jay Leno, Roger Penske and others love cars and people and I think we should be thankful that they are willing to give back. The UAW should take a hard look at holding out on strike, the US and the world can now get along without GM, and they will awaken someday and find their jobs are gone if they can not compete on quality and cost. The whole Corvette operation could be sold to someone during the GM liquidation process if things continue.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t recall seeing negative comments when they auctioned off the last C7 earlier this year. I was there and it was fun to watch and the money went to a good cause, the Tunnel to Towers fund. I can only guess why this time some people are suddenly triggered by the auction of a car for charity. Could it be that the money is going to help school kids in Detroit? This is a worthy charity that help poor kids, full stop. I hope this auction shatters records and people stop with this simplistic political nonsense.

Yep, Barrett Jackson uses needy kids to get the free publicity, the purchaser gets the the tax deduction for the amount over the estimated value…set by Barrett Jackson. Chevrolet gets free publicity for their new car. And various foundations get to add to the endowments which allows them to increase staff and salaries. And ultimately a portion of that sale price makes it to ground level for the kids.
I’m not any more negative, than some in this thread are purposely being positive at the cost of reality. And it appears that some in this thread joined the forum only to post support. Seems like somebody is overly defensive.

When they auctioned off the last C7 and the proceeds went to benefit the Tunnel to Tower fund, nobody was pointing out the various tax benefits, and publicity people got from it, as if it was some kind of scam. Now that the charity is school children in Detroit, suddenly some people seem to have a negative view of these types of auctions. Charity auctions happen everyday, and everybody knows that there are plenty of benefits for all parties involved. I was just speculating on why some people would be negative about this particular charity. Some people even used it as an opportunity to slam Detroit because they falsely believe that the economic damage caused by the decline of the big three is the fault of one political party. .

Since we can’t seem to discuss this topic without politics enter the conversation, this conversation is now closed.