First Time Paint Job


Attached is a 1971 picture of a ’64 Volkswagen (which I bought for $400) that my buddy and I just sanded, primed and repainted—using the brand new VW color that had just come out in 1971—Clementine Orange.

Check out the back wheels—larger tires on Chevy Wheels. That was the cool look back then. When I put those on, I didn’t have a torque wrench, and since the wheel adaptors were made out of some flimsy (white metal maybe)—they needed to be torqued down for maximum safety—but not too tight so you didn’t crack the metal.

Probably an hour after this picture was taken, I took it out for it’s first drive, and after 5 minutes on the Expressway, I heard a loud bang, felt it hard to control, and as I was slowing down and pulling to the right shoulder of the Expressway, I saw my left rear tire rolling by…….it loosened and tore out of the rear fender…back to the drawing board……from then on, I always made sure I used a torque wrench to ensure that the wheels were tight enough……

The good ending to the story is that I traded this VW a month later for a 1967 Mustang Fastback–(that may also have needed some body work)……