Fitzpatrick and Kaufman’s 10 best Pontiac ads


As much as I love the fine art ads, my favorite Pontiac ad is still “There’s a tiger loose in the streets.” It takes a lot of chutzpah to run a major magazine ad for a car without showing a car in it!


Somewhere I have a cardboard tube from the “Widetrack Club” with posters of each model Pontiac for 1967. I wonder if they were drawn by him?


Great Article. I am a Pontiac enthusiast, and I like to collect the Fitzpatrick Kaufman ads. I enjoyed seeing your choices for the Top 10, and several of them would have made my Top 10 list as well. I do have a couple of favorites that didn’t make your list and I suspect you may have considered them as well.

  1. 1963 Catalina Ad with a wealthy couple that have been out shopping, and he is about to open the door for her.
  2. 1967 Catalina Convertible Ad with a couple out for a midnight swim (in the background)
  3. 1968 Catalina Ad with a cute blonde in the passenger seat, waiting for her significant other to come in from the rain at a golf outing.

A couple of Ads with honorable mention (but not in my Top 10)

  • 1969 Firebird with Dune Buggies in background
  • 1965 Bonneville in Iris mist paint, with couple the background standing in a Gazebo.

I love these. I’ve cut out many of these ads from my fathers old National Geographic magazines. Great stuff.


Absolutely magnificent work is here from these artists. Being a GTO owner, I bought a signed print from Fitzpatrick of Thrill Seekers (seen in this article) maybe 4-5 years before his passing. Although I think Art & Van’s illustrations weren’t really best suited for GTOs & performance, I’m still a fan of everything they did for Pontiac. Great article.


I love these old ads, and because I’m a Chevy guy I have quite a number curated from old Look magazines, framed and hanging on my walls. I have some Pontiac too (Chevelles and GTOs being my thing). I’d like to know if these Pontiac ads are available for purchase as art prints anywhere. I could dig some more out of Look and Life magazines again, but the paper is a bit thin and what is printed on the other side of the page can show through. These are certainly worthy of being framed art.