Five Chrysler Corporation concepts that should have been built


The Chrysler Corporation has had dozens of memorable models, from the early-Hemi-powered Chrysler letter cars through the 426-Hemi-powered Chargers, Challengers, ’Cudas, and Coronets, along with generations of SUVs and trucks with the Ram and Jeep brands. Many of those designs first came to the public eye by way of a concept. What hurts though are the great concepts that didn’t find their way into the marketplace. Here are five Mopar favorites that never saw production—at least not yet.

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Bring on the Razor…


Agree…the Razor could easily be done even now, if Fiat didn’t fear for taking the market away from the “124”. Another Chrysler which should have been done was the XNR (maybe after some simplification of the styling.


I think all 5 concepts would have sold very well and over the last 50 years most concepts were easily passed over by too much corporate red tape and too much power in 1 persons decisions over corporate opportunities and objectives, just my opinion!


While technically more than a concept car as they built a number of them, I believe the Chrysler Turbine car should be on this list as well.