Five rare and unusual muscle car options you’ve probably never heard of


In my time, if I wanted to see something in a magazine, I wrote the editor a polite letter.

And this article here is not the same, old same-old just because it doesn’t feature your favorite car.


You are absolutely right. I was being a jerk. I apologize.


You are thinking of a GM / Chevrolet option, I think. I recall reading about a Camaro (iirc) with that optional bleach dispenser in a magazine a few years back (probably Muscle Car Review).


A car buddy of mine has a Nova with that option! Looks a bit odd ~ like it was borrowed from an old Volkswagen or something.


In 1972 our next door neighbor replaced his wife’s 63 Nova SS convertible with a 72 Plymouth Duster that had the folding full length sunroof. Interesting option, but not the same as true convertible in my high school senior eyes.