Flat Out: 1978 Datsun 280Z


Say goodbye to parade laps. This is Flat Out, which means you're about to get a taste of your favorite classic cars being pushed to their limits. All it takes is a worthy ride, an open track, and a driver willing to test his or her mettle at the ragged edge.

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Love it!!!
My 1984 300ZX is just plain fun to drive…hugs the curves like a glove and gets your heart a pumpin"


Sweet ride! I love the 280’s and 240’s. That is a beautiful example, -glad to see it getting some use.


the least he can do is give it some nice aftermarket springs, man body roll looks bad…


Original owner of a 1975 Datsun 280-Z, with a BAE turbo. Just under 100K original miles. This video definitely gets the juices flowing!


Love the concept of this series, but the track portion felt over produced. Keep it more raw with less cuts and more in vehicle/on vehicle shots. I want to see how the driver has to work to control the car in the turns, see the shifts, feel the the brake dive and acceleration. keep up the great work. love the 280z.


Original owner, 47 years of fun driving 1970 240z with 1985 280ZX turbo conversion for power. 5 speed tranny with 2+2
rear end diff. I love this car.


Love it!!! Awesome car to drive. I enjoy every minute of it. 1978 280z


This is great. It is clear the the driver is familiar with the characteristics of this car.
Alas, mine is a 1977, but close enough. I can’t imagine pushing it that hard


Agree with Winslowtaft. Too much camera production. Concentrate on how the car drives and handles. Would have liked to see a track ID and overview to understand its characteristics and how the car handled them.


Here’s my 1971 240Z. Owned it since 1987 and currently has 287k miles on it. Still drives great and is ultra-reliable.


@stickpony, I know, its currently all original aside from some Tokico adjustable shocks and poly bushings. Never really planned on taking it on a track! Have any recommendations? I have been torn between just going with the H&R sport springs, or a full coilover setup.

@s.lavender Thanks for the compliment! I’ve had the car 13 years now and have gotten to know its quirks/handling characteristics quite well over the years.


I have a Porsche 930, its a '77 and it too just needed new shocks. I had some coil-overs installed and although it handles incredibly well the ride is extremely hard. So not sure if I an adjust the coil-overs a bit …but I have mixed feelings about them. Performance is excellent, yet ride comfort not so much. Beautiful '78 z you have!!


Wow! nice Zs. I’ll toss in a blue one, owned since 1980. Lots of recent work done and I’m ready to take it to a track. Any recommendations around the Dallas area?


My 84 not as old but just as fun>>>


Try Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson, TX near Granbury


great video! Where can I find those side mirrors for my 78? Are they from a specific make/model car or are they ‘universal’ ? They look great!


Fun. Would like to see a split screen with car performance as it drives: Speed, rpm, lateral g’s.


I purchased them from The Z store, i believe they are off a 1965 mustang! Here is the link to where i got them. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02e05/50-1164