Flat Out in a 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang


When Steve Beck was a teenager, he wanted a cool American car to take to his first big job interviewing as a mechanic. A friend offered to let him try out his—a 1965 Shelby GT350. Smoke came from the engine and the water pump leaked, but Beck got halfway around the block and he knew he’d stumbled on something special. On his 18th birthday, he shelled out $900 for the now-legendary pony car, and he even got the job. “I got hired just because I drove it to the interview.”

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Nice Shelby and glad you have had it all these years . I’ve owned a 1970 Boss 302 for 45 years . In restoration as we speak . But , I also own a couple Datsun Turbo 280 ZX’s , and a few others (would like to have Jay Keno’s collection ) Steve you should look it up …Flat Out which you did and look up what that 280 did . Your presentation was so lame to what that car is capable of doing . My 280’s would kinda make the american muscle cars of that era be embarrassed as you presented it . DIAL IT UP ! Come On . I used to race . I could dial it UP !


Who is doing your restoration, outback.