Flat Out in a 2008 Shelby Cobra 427 continuation car


Some things are too good to let die, and the AC Cobra is one of them. Though the fast-moving 1960s made obsolete the various iterations of the Cobra after only five years of production, the ticking clock of mortality that the rest of us live under has never really affected the Cobra.

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Not sure if Hagerty should be endorsing taking a car on the race track without a helmet, proper fire system, driving suit and encouraging us all to drive like that… I’m sure my insurance will cover that? Maybe they do after posting this?


The after-series Cobra has merit, but PLEASE use a professional driver and not a guy that hasn’t a clue on what to do before, after and during. As Donald would say - Sad…!


One shot his hat is on backwards, then it’s on forward then backwards again. Pretty lame video.


I would definitely NOT call that flat-out. A casual couple of laps at 5/10th maybe. And helmet always, please, especially in an open car?? Terrible video.


This violates the first rule of track safety. The driver is driving at speed without a helmet. Ridiculous.


Here is a video of my Hagerty-insured Cobra replica in action:


That is heart warming to watch, but that is NOT flat out. Not even. No helmet needed, really. It’s just a nice little drive around the track. That said, I have Cobra with a 420+ HP Coyote and a 5 speed. It is NOT something any driver just sits in and gets right the first time. It is a squirrely little car. Takes time to set up, and even then, it’ll surprise you. I DEEPLY admire the guys who drove these things 180+ mph in 1965. Crazy men. Skilled men, for sure, but mainly crazy. :slight_smile:


@rgriot- The majority of standard insurance policies do exclude driving on track. In most states the Hagerty excludes racing usage. If curious about coverage I recommend calling and discussing with one of our agents at 800.922.4050.
If you are interested in taking you classic on the track for some high performance drivers education and are worried about coverage, we do offer a separate coverage for that type of usage. More information can be found at https://www.hagerty.com/insurance/track-day-insurance
As for the lack of a helmet, it was a closed track with no other vehicles and speeds were not much faster than speeds encountered on a drive in the countryside. The track did not require a helmet and the owner was comfortable with the choice to not wear one.


Come on guys…the driver was in full control at all times. Didn’t even get a bit squirrelly so I agree with Kyle.
I just get chills listening to that engine though


Whoever tuned that stumbling mess of an engine should be kicked right in the stones.


OK, at least the vid made a bunch of you remember what you should actually do in situations like that and yes, the carb was NOT setup properly ( my 5.0 MGBGT3 is a fuelie ) but what the heck, he’s driving it and you’re not.


What is this Geezer drives a Cobra??? I hear a little nursing the gas and a lot of engine braking. This is how most 100 year olds would drive this car. Step on the long skinny peddle and let the car go.


Thank you Kyle.
I just thought you were encouraging unsafe behavior, regardless of where he was driving. At least it wasn’t on the street… Just wanted to make sure your company wasn’t portraying a message that you couldn’t defend in a courtroom. Looking out for you as a company, that’s all, because I like you guys and McKeel.



The guys having fun, leave him alone. It’s his business if he don’t wear a helmet.


Hagerty! this is really pitiful. The engine sounds as if the choke is stuck on, the guy shifts like an old fart trying to impress the audience, he can’t set up for corners going in or coming out, etc., etc. I don’t see what your goal was. I am disappointed. I rode in the real 427SC of one of the Cobra club’s founders back when it was ok to show you had balls and could drive (not like “drifting” circles around pylons today), and in the beachside parking lot it was more authentic and exciting than this travesty of “flat out”. You can do better than this.


peterjank, loved your video! Gave a good idea of what it’s all about.


Really? Dumb stunt. Get real please


If this is the John Schultz from the Stang Stuff business he is a good guy who apparently was having a good time in a relaxing drive in a fun car, ease up guys I wish I was him driving.



I agree I own ERA #238 with multiple upgrades have driven it in the rain and even in the snow over the Sierra’s.
Originally a mountain boy and a back roads racer so it is really no big deal. I however also grocery shop in my car and drive faster than that just to get to the store.