Ford and Mecum reach agreement over GT supercar consignment


Following a turmoil-filled 2018, Ford Motor Company and Mecum Auctions have finally reached an agreement regarding the consignment of the GT supercar. The news comes after months of litigation with the auction house over its sale of a Ford GT in May 2018, as well as a separate, non-related controversy surrounding John Cena’s sale of his personal GT.

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Although I sort of understand why Ford wants to control the market for the GT, this two-year agreement just dosen’t make sense. I mean, if you buy something, you own it and should be able to do whatever you want with it, including selling it. If you can’t sell something then you don’t have full access to the value you have in it. You’re basically purchasing the right to “own” the car two years in the future.


Seriously, a chance to own one of these beauties was an agreement with Ford, between two parties. Best outcome was that a new owner benefited from the sale, hopefully a car guy who will show and drive the car. As far as Cena…hope he paid dearly for braking the contract. As for Ford why not just build more?..again in the wily world of advanced democracy and economics I think we all benefited from the sale, the sin, and the spin-offs…one can only imagine the total value of this one car when all the bills are tabulated.