Ford Bronco guru shows Barn Find Hunter a slice of Alaska


To live in a place as wild and wide open as Alaska, you need something to bring you closer together with those in your community. That’s true on a practical level—a car is essential to get around—but I found that there is a real love for classics in Alaska that leads to conversations with total strangers like you’re old friends. And if there’s one thing people in Alaska really love, it’s Broncos.

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Many years ago I bought a 1964 Bronco for $150. It had a 170 ci 6 cylinder and different front locking hubs than any other I had seen. I eventually swapped in a 289 engine and on a highway one day I rolled it while evading a head on collision. I was going for the ditch and then the fool went for me as I was heading into the ditch. Vehicle was totaled and I was not hurt.
Ford say the first Broncos were 1966, I do not know how mine was out 2 years before that. I bought it in Canada.


I have a 1966 Ford Bronco and thought that was the earliest available.


I owned a 1987 full size Bronco for eight years. Had a gutless 302, and all the goodies, including plaid seats . We had great family times in the California high desert riding dirt bikes in the 1980s … I pulled a flatbed trailer loaded with six bikes. The thing was a ''Tank ‘’. Was not a Ford lover, but the Chevy Blazer at the time was more trouble prone. People loved it. I got offers to buy it while gassing it up all the time…Oh yeah … 12mpg on a good day.


We have a 69 Bronco my father in law bought new that year. My wife learned to drive in it and we still have it. 170 straight six, power nothing. The only option was locking hubs. We still have the original bill of sale. $2795, half down, half in 90 days.


My ’ 87 was $17, 800 out the door in 1987. Had to put a new engine in it at 82000 mi. I don’t wanna know how much gas I pushed through it in eight years. I think I still owe on that credit card …


I really can’t answer the reason these take on some sort of “ICON” badge 50 years later…I can’t remember if I’ve seen more than two in the real world in all my 40 years of driving, not sure they were practical in Chicago when I grew up so its not one of those " I knew a guy" cause I didn’t. Seeing theses cross the auction blocks is the only way I have noticed them at all…, they are not on the minds of a lot of us and I can only guess on how they were appreciated when Ford rolled them out new… Its not gonna hit all the boxes but I just think they should bring back some memories or two for a few of us…SUV’s have done their best to protect us from not having enough car all time but back when off road meant driving closer to where you needed to be after the road ended…we have solved that issue in a very big way…the best selling market for the past 15 years…and still growing…


A+ on article subject…


We have two Broncos in our driveway, 1992 Nite Edition and 1989 that my son drives. They are the best of two worlds, does the towing of a truck and you can still park anywhere due to the turning radius. We take the top off the 1989, go for ice cream and looks follow us everywhere we go. Between the Mustang, Ford Crew Cab, Jaguar or Ranger, our Broncos win hands down. There are ways to get better gas mileage, contact me if you want to know!


The cab heater is only powerful enough to take the chill out. Here in Alberta Canada where I reside I’ve used one for 35yrs It throws just enough heat in the cab to keep the frost off the windshield at bay. Both my block heater and my “Little Buddy” run on a timer which kick in at 2:30am for my 5:30am drive to work. When the temperatures get below -25c it doesn’t 100% clear the windshield but it helps. Cheers.


They’re popular because there’s an honesty and simplicity to them that’s lacking in today’s SUVs. They’re designed as off-road vehicles you can use day-to-day if you need to, whereas today’s SUVs are daily drivers you could occasionally take off-road if you need to.


Yes, its like every time one shows up in some outdoors type of show…someone remembers having them 40 years ago and now they are popular…but like I said…I only see them on tv or an auction block…never knew them anywhere in Chicago except Victory Auto Wreckers…