Ford heads back to Baja with the new Bronco R prototype

Ford has unveiled a race-inspired Baja 1000 race truck called the Bronco R prototype—which, apart from the ludicrously long-travel shocks, meteor-proof roll cage, and composite bodywork, is basically the Bronco...as seen through wax paper.

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The silhouette looks like a 2 door Flex

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It does sort of look like a 2 door Ford Flex! Oh my. They should offer this with the 302 paired with a 6 speed manual. Just having the manual trans option will up the ante with this one, even if not many people buy it. Keep the weight in check and you’ve got a winner. Edit: 302 tuned for low end torque and decent gas mileage.

Not the worst retro reboot. That would be the new so called Toyota Land Cruiser proposal. Most rock-crawlers, ultra 4s and off-roaders are automatics now.

I see that. I also see Kia Soul…

Flex? Maybe a little.
But on a Raptor chassis!?
Maybe a little…