Ford is dropping the RS turbo-four into the Mustang


Even though it has 310 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder in the Ford Mustang isn’t exactly thrilling. Compared to the booming Coyote V-8, with its instant throttle response, smooth power delivery, and glorious sound, the Ford’s turbocharged four-pot feels somewhat out of place in a sports car. Fortunately, the Blue Oval has a much more suitable turbo-four on the shelf. Yes, the 2.3-liter screamer from the defunct Focus RS hot hatch is Mustang-bound, part of a new High Performance Package for the 2020.

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Neither set of numbers is very impressive for a car of that size, but the EconoCoast is a good choice for gas mileage, I suppose.


Another joke like the ecoboost from Ford for the Mustang. V8’s only, PLEASE!


I like the idea of the 2.3 ecoboost being used in other rear-wheel-drive applications. Preferably something small, light and with a removable top please.


And to think my 85 2.3 only had 88 hp.


Wasn’t it the heads on the Focus RS that was a fatal issue?


330 hp from a 2.3l four banger is impressive, but I’ll keep my gen 3 Coyote 5.0 thank you.


Can not disagree with anyone’s post here Iam a big fan of good old American V 8 but it is nice to have the option of tooling around in a nice sports car and getting huge MPG numbers,here in Canada we are banging the door on over five bucks a American gallon measure or a tad over six buck for the Canadian gallon measure and thats for good ole regular grade gasoline.R