Ford may offer a third engine in the Mustang

Looks like the Ford Mustang is getting a new engine to slot in between the eco-friendly four-banger and the performance-oriented V-8.

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I cannot be the only person that noticed that for the 5.0 is only had 435hp, the current GT 5.0 has 460. So why is there less horsepower in the 5.0 in this doc?

Anyone who knows anything about these cars, knows that the V6 was the base engine, as it made less power, and the Ecoboost cost more. That is why Ford dropped the old pushrod V6, because at Chevy the 6 is more powerful than the 4 banger, and they still sell well (the Ford 6 wasn’t selling well against the more powerful 4). With the power they can now get reliably out of turbo 4 cylinders, and the overall fuel economy, there is no reason to use a n/a 6 at all (and other than for the glorious exhaust notes, the same goes for V8, V10, V12, etc.) I love old muscle, sports cars, foreign exotics as much as anyone, but times are changing, and when I can do 0-60 in 5.3 secs. in my GTI, and still average over 32 mpg. in mostly city driving…no way am I going back to a gas hog daily driver.

At least the current two-engine scenario is not as bad as the late-1980’s, when the Mustang came only with a 302 V8, or the wheezing (2.3L?) 4-cylinder. Now THAT was a huge gap!

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It’s not just the power from the factory that is considered in muscle cars, but also room for improvement by modifications. The EcoBoost is pretty much wrung out from the factory. A naturally aspirated V6, on the other hand, can be blown, intercooled etc at home with after market parts.

Real Gearheads are out there. We still change our own oil. We want to see engines unadorned with plastic covers and capable of being modified to our own specific dreams.

Could this be the hybrid electric power, with a 2.3L I4 as part of it, that Ford has promised (or threatened - depending on your perspective) was coming for the Mustang?

Man I’m all over the Mustang map. 70 Boss 302, 09 GT 500 and my daily commuter a 2012 V6 still giving me 31MPG and at the 210,000 mile marker.

The Only 4 banger mustang I had was a Charlie Angels era sedan. It was bad but cheap. I have not driven a new 4 cyl mustang but I’m sure it would but not easily beat my V6 putting out just over 300 hp stock.

My experience with newer things is it does not last as long as the tried and true, long production run anything Like my V6. I bought a 2011 Focus and it suffered with the wobbly automatic transmission. It forced me out quickly of the car and bought the Stang. I have no doubt that car or transmission would have never made it to 210K miles.

I hope I’m wrong about the 4 cyl, but seeing as the trans in the Focus had been tested for over 15 years why are their pending lawsuits in the tens of thousands of Focus cars its automatics.

You will not meet a more devout Ford owner than me. But I learned my lesson. Only time and miles will tell.

I too have a 2012 V6 Mustang I use as a commuter. According to Ford it was the first mass produced engine to make more than 300 hp while also being capable of getting more than 30mpg. I’ve seen 34mpg around 60 mph and Ford claims they got 40mpg while driving at 40mph.


I love my 12. It’s given me absolutely zero issues. The only reason I’m not getting better mpg is one way to work(50 mi) is it’s a long down hill on way and up the other.

My 96 4.2 V8 GT sounded good but was way sub 300 hp. I know my 12 is way quicker than the 96. Lot to be said for that v6.

I know nothing about the 4 banger. I was shocked the v6 is gone but have faith in Ford they knock it out of the park again and again.

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