Ford Mustang to drop exclusive platform for 2021, AWD possible


The Ford Mustang is looking at a major redesign for 2021, and that overhaul is shaping up to include a shift toward one of five new modular architectures. Currently the Mustang uses an exclusive rear-wheel-drive platform, but next time around it might share its bones with rear- and all-wheel-drive crossovers or SUVs.

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I would love to see AWD. I have to drive my 2014 Shelby very carefully to keep the front end ahead of the rear. It needs much more traction to handle the horses.


A Mustang is and should always be Rear Wheel Drive. Half the fun of drivin a Mustang is a Live Rear Axle not IRS or AWD. The steering wheel is for aiming it in the corner You Steer With The Throttle Through the Corner ! Only an Engineer would make it easy to drive & take all the Fun outa Drivin a Mustang !


I once was a Mustang fanatic. It was years and years ago… I was living on the coast and it was a great coupe to run around in! However… moving north, it sometimes ices up and snows. Rear wheel drive isn’t the way to go, so I have avoided the stang… I’ll be looking forward to kicking the tires on a 2021 AWD Mustang… hopefully a fastback or convertible!!!


Don’t Change the Mustang, my 2015 us one of the best cars I have ever had!!!
Love the way it handles !!


Change is inevitable. Do what you will, Ford. I love the older Mustangs anyway. Sold my '66 GT Fastback restored to “Best of Show” at Auto Fair 2018, Charlotte. Preparing to sell my 2001 Bullitt, which I love dearly, to buy a “new” 2007 Shelby GT, my first. Then I will drive that one at least 5 years or maybe until I’m in heaven, whichever occurs first. - All the best!


Well I still have my 1966 G.T. Fastback and it’s show condition I plan of keeping the classic along with my 1957 Thunderbird!


My first Mustang was a 86 GT convertible, then a 90 LX convertible 7-UP edition which I still have as a summer fun car. I just got my 2019 GT fastback which I ordered with all the performance handling options. This car is a blast to drive comfortable seats, and just plain hauls.


I own a 1999 Saleen GT and a 2007 Shelby, love them both, but times change.
I totally agree that a AWD is a step in the right direction. I imagine they know that some drivers would like RWD so the AWD could be an option at purchase or even better… make it selectable, so it’s a choice the driver can select for that days drive. Weather is bad, or you want to shut down your neighbor with his camaro, select AWD. Just cruising on a sunny day with your wife, or feel like doing some doughnuts, select RWD. That way you get the best of both worlds.