Ford’s extreme, 200-mph Talladega King Cobra that almost took on the Dodge Charger Daytona


Recently, we featured the rare, homologation-special 1969 Ford Torino Talladega—the car that broke Dodge’s NASCAR dominance and won 13 races that year.

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I turned down buying one of the King Cobras in the 80’s from Jerry Mason. His dad worked for Bud Moore and he had one of them without and engine and he only wanted $3,500 for it. They never had the crazy stripe and I was told never had a Boss only a regular 429 engine.


I have known Steve Honnell since 1986 but ‘‘met’’ the yellow car in '1977. The Cyclone is just as cool. He bought the 69th '64 Thunderbolt in 1964, sold it later and got it back in 2003! He has a saying ‘‘You have car people and you have people with cars’’. Steve IS car people! peace


@burndedout - I haven’t hear it said that way before, but I like it! So many fall into the “people with cars” category.