Ford Sync Completely Unresponsive?


Hello everyone,

Hey. I own a 2016 Ford Fiesta and I cannot find any other information online so I thought I’d take a shot here before going to a dealership. The Sync system in my car doesn’t turn on anymore. No idea why, but when I try to select “media” on my dash, it just switches back to radio every time. The USB doesn’t charge at all, and the little voice command button does nothing anymore either. The only thing on my sync deck that’s kept working is my 12V charger, lol. Anything I can do to fix this? I’ve just seen walk throughs for different things, never this. I’ve always has problems with sync, but this is just silly. Thanks in advance, sorry if this isn’t a good place for questions. Nox


I know that there have been some pain points with the Sync software that Ford uses. If I had to guess, it probably needs to be reflashed, or uninstalled and reinstalled completely. I would reach out to a local Ford dealer for this service personally, as it would be a bummer to brick the system trying to DIY it.

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