Ford Taurus finally closes the door on American production

Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant ended American production of the Ford Taurus sedan yesterday (March 4). It should come as no surprise that the decision to kill the Taurus is a result of declining demand for sedans and that the plant will increase production of more-popular utility vehicles. The Taurus nameplate will continue in China, where it is assembled locally.

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This was the only new car my wife and I ever bought.

1996 Ford Taurus Station wagon with optional 3rd row.

At the time, new Minivans were way pricey.

I liked the curves, but a lot of people “in the industry” didn’t care for them at all.

They had a version with the SHO engine (a 5 liter option) that was rumored to be wicked fast.

We held on to that vehicle for 20 years, and it went through 2 engines, and countless radiator over flow tanks.

A lot of memories we had in that car, bringing our son home from the hospital for the first time. All of those midnight/early morning drives to get him to go back to sleep. A lot of camping trips and vacations.

Fun fact, when he was old enough to sit in the optional 3rd rear facing back seat, they made it illegal to do so in my state, so he never got to have that experience like I did in a really old Chevy station wagon.

It was this perfect color of tan for my area that just hid dirt and salt. The car would look clean, but if you rubbed up against it, you would find out in a hurry. Believe the dealership called it “Fawn metallic.”

Good to hear that the namebadge lives on, even if in China. Sorry for all of those workers here in the U.S., though.