Ford Thunderbird - T-Bird


In response to my story on great car names that lost their luster, a reader asked why I had not included the Ford Thunderbird. Indeed, I struggled with that one. Some car enthusiasts feel that Ford hurt the name when it turned the original two-seater into a bigger luxury coupe with a back seat. I think many T-Bird fans feel otherwise. The T-Bird story is far more nuanced than “which is the real T-Bird?”

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I have my dad’s 1964 landau, not my 1st choice of cars, but very cool. Back in the late 80’s he spent thousands of dollars rebuilding it thinking it would be an investment. Not the case. A decade later I twisted my mom’s arm into buying a 1995 V8 Thunderbird. Same fate as my father thinking it would have a following. I was also wrong but the good news is my nephew is still driving the 95 every day.