Ford will reprint a window sticker for your 1987–89 Fox-body Mustang

Rejoice, all ye 1987–89 Fox-body Mustang owners: Ford will now reprint a window sticker for your classic. All you’ll need to provide is your vehicle VIN number and $59.99.

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Iirc, the stickers changed around 1987. Could be the stickers for the aerolight cars are easier to repop and the four eye stickers are in the pipeline.

On the other hand, Ford’s been shortchanging Fox guys for years. Remember the ads announcing the return of the 5.0 back in 2011 that featured a bunch of… 60s Mustangs???
Like the Gen X’ers they were apparently trying to appeal to were interested in 65 fastbacks and 71 Mach 1’s. Time will tell I guess, but Ford being tone-deaf is nothing new.

The answer probably lies in where the database is and who has access to it. It’s also entirely possible the 4-eyed Fox database is not readable by program/systems currently set up as well.

Odds are Kevin Marti is the only one that could do several decades worth of Ford Stuff for example as my understanding is he is “custodian” of a large number of 60s-80s records. Not sure if Marti reprints window stickers or not, but then also not sure when window stickers became a thing. Marti does build sheets and all sorts of stuff though.

AHS class of '88 here. Many of the fastest and the slowest cars in my high school parking lot were new Mustangs. The slow ones were 2.3 liter automatic notchbacks bought by daddies for their beloved daughters. The fast ones were 5.0 GT 5-speed fastbacks driven by pot dealers.

There were also more first-generation Mustangs than it makes sense even now in terms of Ford durability. One girl won a restored '66 GT convertible with the through-pipes in the rear valence panels from a radio contest. Several more had early Mustangs that were hand-me-downs. When I went away to college, I had a roommate with a Mach 1 in a barn back home that he thought commanded respect. I’ll concede that I couldn’t fathom why anyone might care about a Mach 1 Mustang then, just as all Fords bore me now.