Forget 300-mph Bugattis—this AWD 16-cylinder machine runs 450 mph and you can actually buy it

In 2016, Danny Thompson drove the Challenger 2 on the Bonneville Salt Flats to a two-way average of 406.769 mph. In doing so he finished what his father, Mickey Thompson, had started with the quad-engine Challenger all the way back in 1959. In 2018 Danny made it happen again—this time with a little more cooperation from the salt—and upped his own record to 448.757 mph to claim the unofficial title of world’s fastest piston-powered car. Danny retired the car after that and it has spent its time since in various racing museums. Next year, in 2020, it’s going up for sale at Mecum’s Kissimmee auction.

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Until you see it you can’t believe how FAST 400mph is ! And then your mind boggles at vehicles that go faster than that !

What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t you remember 1965??? Goldenrod set a land speed record for piston engined, wheel driven cars at 409.277 miles per hour, It was built and driven by Bob and Bill Summers. Furthermore, the car still exists and never got top gear on Bonneville. Engines: Four Chrysler “Hemi” V-8s, overhead valves, 426 cu. in., 600hp each, no superchargers, just basically stock engines with different camshafts. Each pair of engines is welded together at the crankshafts, with the pairs mated by an Oldsmobile Toronado FWD drive chain. Of all places, the Ford museum owns it!

You have got your years mixed up. Mickey Thompson drove his four engined, supercharged Pontiac powered, Challenger to a one-way run of 406.6 MPH on September 9, 1960, not 1959. He ran 363 in 1959 with four naturally aspirated Pontiacs developing 2,000 HP. He figured he needed another 1,000 HP to gain another 40 MPH; hence the superchargers.