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If you were driving in the 1980s and early ‘90s, you witnessed the rebirth of performance cars after the drought of the 1970s. In this post-malaise period, we saw hot V-8s return, and the Buick GNX was the period’s turbo superhero. Carmakers deserve credit for exploring many routes toward keeping performance alive back then, even if a few efforts fell flat. Here are seven that enthusiasts might have forgotten.

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I had to order an 1984 Pontiac 6000 STE. It was not available to all dealers. It had an HO 231 V6, AT, rack and pinion steering, the first GM digital dash with a 36 month warranty, pallex cloth seats with the buckets specific to the STE, 4 door sedan, inflatable leveling system, AC, AM/FM/Cassette digital stereo, tilt wheel, 4 wheel disc brakes, aluminum wheels and high performance tires. This car was very fast and handled extremely well. I sold it to a friend after 10 years and he drove it another 10 years. When he junked it I wanted the special bucket seats. Those seats now sit inside my 65 Chevy pickup and are the comfy still. As they were only made for some three years I never see them. Only option was leather or pallex upholstery.