Found in a sculptor’s barn, these 3 Bugattis could fetch $1M


Dutch sculptor August Thomassen not only created beautiful art, he appreciated it in automobiles. Four of Thomassen’s cars—including three classic Bugattis worth $1 million—will be offered at Artcural’s Rétromobile sale on February 8 in Paris.

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In the mid-80’s Carol and I were in Germany and decided to visit the Schlump brother’s Bugatti collection. We made a detour to Mulhouse. I had read the beautiful book about the Schlumps obsession. Unfortunately, we arrived and the museum was closed that day. It has since became the national museum.


That’s unfortunate. I made a pilgrimage to the Schlumphf collection in 1990. A 9 hour train ride to get there.Plus an over seas flight. I think I spent about 8 or 9 hours in the museum. I saw every car twice and some many more times within the 9 hours I was there. I have been to many automobile museums through out the world since but that in my opinion is the greatest of all. You must try again to visit.