Found: the real Bullitt Mustang that Steve McQueen tried (and failed) to buy


Warner Bros was the parent company and sold the car to an editor by the name of Robert Ross. The transportation coordinator at WB was in charge of liquidating those assets. McQueen didn’t have a need for the car until 1974 when the idea of a sequel to the original “Bullitt”. Dave Kunz researched and found the car in a barn in Morning View Kentucky and when I was hired by Columbia Pics to find the car for an upcoming film, I came across Dave and he shared his work with me. Robert Ross sold the car after a few years to a police detective back east. He then sold it to the then current owner around 1974. I then paid for the info of the current owner at the time and was able to contact him. He didn’t want to cooperate. I had agreed to keep his name a secret. He kept the car hidden after receiving a letter from McQueen asking to by the car back for the sequel. Lots more to the story.


Great article, very informative. I’m trying to figure out where would be a good place to advertise my 2001 Bullitt for sale? I’m in Wisconsin I know Craigslist is big but don’t think that’s the place. Thanks


There were two cars. The scene you are referring [more than likely] features the “jump” car with it’s “peg leg” [open differential] as you put it. The open differential is something you’d want in a car making multiple jumps over city streets as limited slip differentials are less predictable [less safe] in evasive action situations.

This story is about the other car that was used for close ups and such but not for the chase sequence. As the article states, the “jump” car was trashed and found in Mexico.


being an old con man 76 yrs old, and doing it since 1950s, i would bet my life on that mexico car being a con. anyone with a little common sense and a little larceny in their bones could see right through it, im almost hesitant to mention this but ive bought from marti before, it doesn’t require much documentation for him to sell you something or verify something, you youngsters should do a little research on smokey unick, back in the early days, the casting numbers on camshafts , original numbers on cranks, small pieces like throttle linkage for carbs etc, its way too easy. i smelled a rat immediately when this story was being “set up”. why mexico, come on guys, really. and why quickly remove it and take it directly to another place a little questionable. any machinist can make a vin, i can give you the link to several places in the uk that will make anything you send them pics of, and details. vin plates, data plates etc. and all the car guys in the industry know how easy it is to stamp a number on an engine block, frame numbers, right, cut one out and weld one in or simple restamp, this has been done by experts for years in the stolen car racket. when i was in the rebuilding market the mustangs and corvettes and camaro’s were the easiest and most simple to clone. even though it makes no diff to me, or history, i know in my mind the mexico bullet mustang is phony, and not even a good project, i could give you the names of half dozen guys right here in san antonio that could do a better job, and tell you it was phony and dare you to find the discrepancies, if i make you mad or you feel the necessity to prove me wrong, just get in touch with some older member of the dps auto theft dept and ask what they think, sure give them my name, i bet at least one of them are still alive that remember me. hey and way off subject, the l88 registry, claiming knowledge of all or most accounted for, there are two members of san antonio auto theft dept, stanly morryl, and melvin wandra, that know by personal experience that a 1969 l88 corvette was stripped of the engine and trans here in town in 1969, parts never recovered. it was a silver car belonging to an air force captain stationed at randolph air force base, yet the car shows to be in the registry as a complete and original car, i saw the car stripped in a young mans back yard, or his granmas back yard, they would take all componets loose , then turn the cars on side and dump the eng and trans out. when records were easier to get i copied the vin, im sure its around her somewhere.



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