Four-door Mustang rumors swirl, along with whispers of a turbo V-8


Following a recent dealer backgrounder, there is rumor afoot that Ford will add a four-door Mustang to its lineup. Details are scarce, but Mustang forum Mustang6g.com is reporting that the four-door pony would use a turbocharged V-8 and push way upmarket to square off against the Porsche Panamera.

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It worked for AMG with the GT 4-door, so why not Ford? I imagine that the actual car will be less “4-door Mustang” and more “shares platform and engines with the Mustang.”


Calling it something else would be smart. Avoid the 4 door Charger outrage.


@JohnRogers - I agree. The Charger uproar seems to have smoothed over (after a decade or so), but it would be smart for Ford to learn from that.

As another example, rumors of a four-door 911 swirled for quite awhile before the Panamera was announced. There is the chance we are all just a bit early or reading into it too much.


It’s about time Ford considered a RWD four door for the US market. In Australia, four door RWD Falcons worked alongside the sportier 2 door variants for decades. Too bad global economics ended their production. Hope for a better result in the US.


I agree that a RWD four door Ford would be pretty cool stateside. Hopefully they put a more performance oriented engine under the hood, or at least enough room to hot rod whatever does get put there.


Tons of great names for Ford to pull from. Would be awesome to see the Falcon grace our roads again, or you could call it a Galaxy. I would avoid the 500 because the recent one was kind of a flop. You could even call it a Torino, but that may cause the same 2dr/4dr uproar the charger did, but I think a lot of people have come around to the sporty 4 door again and that may be worth exploring.


I don’t hate the idea of Galaxie returning.


The larger platform could even be used to underpin a next-gen Lincoln Conti and bring some sportiness to that line to better compete against the big cars from BMW/Alpina, Audi’s S and Merc’s AMG. There Ford, business case made. :slight_smile:


AND have no resale value!


Eh…relative to their purchase price, seems nothing in the lux segment has much resale off warranty.


Call it a Torino. Don’t call it Mustang


There were 4-door Torinos. Ford could call it a Gran Torino to make it sound more luxurious.


I have to agree with previous contributors, call it a Gran Torino or a Galaxie, just don’t call a four door a Mustang!


If they make it with the “mini” rear opening doors like some other sport coupes have done I think it would blend in with the current styling nicely, and be practical with just a slight wheelbase extension (2-3"). If they make it much larger, say a 6" longer wheelbase with regular doors in the back, they should just resurrect the Thunderbird name and slap that on it with a few other changes.


Four door this, four door that. Whatever happened to great design rather than stupid desire. Over my 60 years of car watching I have seen some great original car designs aborted and destroyed by stupid desires. I am not going to mention any car brands but those in the know will know which cars I am talking about. I have seen one of the most beautiful English sports cars altered by the maker to carry four people when the original design was to carry only two. The original classic design was completely destroyed to satisfy those who just wanted to abort a great design to suite their needs without any regard for beauty. I have seen many cars converted to four doors when a whole new car design should have been the first choice. I have even seen one of the worlds finest classic sports saloon design converted to a station wagon. If the car maker were to just listen to these people who have no regard for good design then we would not have some of the finest classic cars we have today. Another example of what I am talking about is the stretch limousine that starts out as a normal family saloon car and finished up looking like a sausage dog. If you are not fortunate to be sitting on the main rear seats, then you have to clamber in and out like a sausage dog through a normal car door, which was only originally designed for the people on the rear seats to exit and enter. No wonder they can be a death trap in accident. Yet people encourage this kind of bad design simply because it is fashionable. It is very fashionable at the moment to have very large rims, with low profile tyres that require so much air in the tyres, that they have almost reached the practical point of having solid rubber tyres. This fashionable large rim necessity destroys the more comfortable ride of any car, and the only correction to deal with this hard ride is to introduce a more complicated air suspension. You see these people who’s personal need are greater than their sense of good practical design are slowly encouraging our over complicated car designs, which are costing the average buyer more for a car than is practically necessary. When it come to performance? The fasted I can drive on my fastest motorways is 110klph and there are no corners to go around only very soft bends. There are enough well designed four door sports saloons on the market today without destroying a great two door car.


Clearly Ford’s response to the much anticipated 4 door Corvette?


Ford is killing the Fusion, which is a great-looking car. So why not resurect it under a new badge (Galaxy or Fairlane?), give it AWD and a V8 or turbo V6 to compete with Audi, BMW and other luxury brands?