FOUR limited edition fuselage muscle cars hit the auction block

The 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst was a mystery of sorts from the moment of its conception. It wasn’t built the way they planned it, it wasn’t promoted the way anyone expected, and it didn’t make it into the brochures. There isn’t even a solid consensus on how many were built; some sources say that 485 examples were made, others say 500. At least we know how many convertibles were produced: exactly one, for promotional use.

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I can appreciate pretty much any fuselage Mopar.

Any manufacturer that did the full width grill with hidden headlights look I generally like as well.

These are cool cars for the immensity of them… full size 2 door coupe being such an odd configuration in the post 1980 automotive world (at least in NA).

The three cars that don’t have under-dash A/C look to have factory air with black piston-type compressors and in-dash vents.