Foxbody Mustang. Making a dream come true

When I was just a kid Foxbody cars were the must have car. I remember sitting at the dealer, and the insurance was way too high, and my parents said “No Way” 30 Years later I am glad they said NO, because looking back I would have never respected the car the way I do now.

Forward to my early 40’s I had purchased a house with my first garage, and kids were almost fully grown. I decided I’m going to get me a Foxbody, and make it just like I wanted it back then. Searched for months! Finally found one that was too my skill level of fixing up. At least I thought it was LOL, Thank god for the internet support out there on these cars. I rebuilt the 302 bottom end, and then installed AFR 185’s with 32lb injectors. Upper and lower intake, and converted 88 computer to MAF. 410 geared cobra rear disk, and converted everything to 5 lug. Full Maximum Motorsports suspension all the way around with coil overs up front. Stifflers Trans cross member with working emergency brake modification for rear disk. New Clutch and cable. I then topped it off with a MGW shifter with a Hurst handle with 1 step on the button, and true mechanical gauges just like they did it back in the day!

I did much more small things, and did some body work, and had the Cobra kit installed. I find it much more gratifying doing it yourself! I still have work to do on it, but at this time I dropped it down to enjoy it. I thinking of going with a Holley EFI, and coming out of the stone age! My son is always ragging on my old school thoughts. LOL