Freddy’s Lambo had 11 layers of paint on it—that was the easy part

There's a term known as "impostor syndrome," the feeling a person gets when they doubt their own accomplishments and irrationally fear being outed as a fraud. As a somewhat-known figure in certain small Internet circles who was broke and living with my parents all of five minutes ago, I've fought a few bouts with this phenomenon. The worst cases occur with a few of my better project cars—more specifically, at the point in my build that my car, after all the money and effort poured into it, bears no resemblance to my usual rough-around-the-edges projects, and I'm just waiting for someone in authority to tell me that I don't have any right to own it. Actually, I kind of hope that last part happens because that would mean I get to finally stop spending money like I'm speedrunning bankruptcy.

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The early VW Beetles were dipped, that’s right, dipped in paint 9 times at the factory.

As a matter of fact, most VW nuts talk about the decision tree between trying to restore the original paint (and save it) or start over again knowing that it won’t be dipped, only sprayed…

Love to see articles about this, the writing style is fun to read.


WoW! That’s just gorgeous!

I’d say “GLWS”, but I think you may want to keep it…

  • Jim

Absolutely great that you can keep a sense of humor throughout this process - at least when writing about it. And major credit to the men at Color Recon for taking on the project, no matter the cost or hassle. (I have a plain Jane, clean '65 Mustang fastback that I’m trying to get functional and all shops dismiss the project like it has radioactive leprosy.)

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Best wishes to you, Freddy on this project. It just boggles my mind that in addition to the cost of acquisiton, the costs mounting up are insane! The cost of the rear bumper alone, was the low end of a restoration “guesstimate” on my Charger; (not to mention that it was MORE than I paid for an original/solid, one owner car!! ) I’m eagerly awaiting further developments, as your car looks drop dead gorgeous now! :slight_smile:

Should have kept it “movie” !!

Freddy: Thanks for the laughs. Knowing you are a man who relishes a challenge but may possibly be tiring from the struggle, I wish to throw you a lifeline. If you get sick of the Lambo, I will trade ya straight up for a 94 GEO (beach buggy…has some rust spots but a new radiator) and a 22 rifle I have of unknown manufacture. The 22 had a wiggly front sight but I fixed that with some J.B. WELD. I shoots a little to the left now (can’t move the sight…that WELD stuff is tough!) but is not too bad if you get close to the target and compensate by aiming somewhere other than the bulls-eye. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks.

Surely not your first trip down restotion road…Even I know if one buys a car like a Mambo. YOU know it could be No will be a case of throwing toma of money into it. At lesat the end resultas are well worth it. Congrarts. Dick

The color looks British Leyland Vermillion, circa 1978-80, code CML/CAE.