From beaten down to beautiful: Resurrecting a BMW E9, Part 2


I don’t use the word “restored” to describe any of my cars, no matter how much work I put into them. And that includes the 1973 BMW 3.0CSi that I purchased as a lightly-wrecked basket-case in 1986. Last week I explained how the car became mine and I shared some of the upgrades I slowly began to make.

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Wow I remember your articles back when I was 16 when I bought a terribly rusty Bavaria. Which my non gear head father forced me to sell I actually drove a couple of times on long island where I live with no plates no insurance!! And my father was in the insurance business hahaha. But i was hooked the sound of the dual carbs and the handling. I later bought a 528i e12 great car restored it but used it too much in college got another 150k on it by then it was needing another restoration. I sold it on Ebay for 650 …I regret it should have kept it the 5 speed alone is worth more that the 650.
You always had great articles kluges? Is that the word you used for a quick fix? Anyway I have e9 from boston which I plan on fixing soon it runs but has rust . But after owing and restoring a number of fiats lancias and a 320i and a 528i …you get really good at welding and body work! I think I will get the ac book you have the e9 will need it. The question should i paint her in black or the original dark green metallic tundra? Its bronzit right now