From drag racers to Le Mans winners, the Petersen Vault has something for every race fan


The Petersen Automotive Museum has been busy the past few years. An extensive remodel and several new exhibits have been on display in the beautiful new galleries, attracting new visitors and enthusiasts. The latest news is that Hagerty has joined with the Petersen Museum in a 10-year partnership on an expanded storage vault, a sprawling underground lair full of incredible cars that was formerly off-limits but is now open to the public.

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John Force is still driving Funny Cars. His 16th championship may be his latest but saying his last may be premature


In 2013 my wife and I were in CA to visit my cousins. We had the good fortune to go see the Peterson and to take in the Vault. It was the most excellent and diverse grouping of cars in one place. Now that all these changes have been made I guess we need to return.
While in the area we also went to the Nethercutt Museum, totally different but no less interesting.