From Firebird to Corvette

Years ago, my wife and I owned a 1968 Firebird 400 HO convertible. We both had Firebirds in our past growing up so when it came time to buy a classic car, the Firebird made sense. I started my search online. The criteria, 1967 or 1968, 400ci, convertible, and automatic (for my wife). I found the usual red, black and Verdoro green cars, but this white one with the red interior and HO stripe struck a nerve. l kept returning to the pictures and ultimately purchased the car. The body was in good shape but it still needed work on the frame, engine bay, and wiring, etc.

We had the car for several years and took it to our local cruise night with our kids every chance we got. I joined the local Pontiac club and eventually even became President of the club. During our time with the Firebird, my wife and I would go to Arizona in late January to celebrate my birthday. One year, while attending the Barrett Jackson auction, I spotted a 1967 Corvette, 427, white with red stinger and red interior. I commented to my wife, “look, it’s the first cousin to our Firebird”.

We sold the Firebird a few years later, but that Corvette lingered in my mind ever since. Earlier last year, I told my wife that I would love to find my “dream car” to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday. I got the green light and started my search. Of course, it had to be a 1967 Corvette, 427, white with red stinger and red interior. This time it would be a 4 speed.

I found 2 contenders online and quickly narrowed it to one. The vehicle was listed at a dealership in Nashville on consignment. Based on the Hagerty price list, the asking price was within reason. I negotiated a little better price and pending inspection, the deal was done. I flew from San Diego to Nashville to inspect and drive the car. Not knowing enough to make this decision, I hired an inspection company to come and to go over the car. The inspector said that based on my criteria, this might be the best example in the country.

I made the deal and had the car shipped to San Diego. On its first outing, it took the honor of Best Convertible Overall at a local car show. I’ve had some mechanical and cosmetic work done and couldn’t be happier. As the license plate on my Harley reads, I have the BST WYFE ever!

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