From London to the sea, by Knox and by golly

I tried to complete the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in 2007, but it was not to be. My horseless carriage—a borrowed 1904 Rambler—broke down outside Westminster Abbey, just a mile into our adventure. Century-old cars aren’t exactly known for their reliability. There would always be the next year, I figured.

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I have but one question. I was talking to a Hagerty representative at an event at which I was checking out the various “exotic” cars, and we got onto this subject. This subject was of course, the London to Brighton. The Hagerty representative as excited as all get out about the event, but dreaded one tiny detail of the event. You touched upon of course that many start, but fewer finish. The dreaded detail - there be hills on the way and the power available before 1905 was indeed tremendous. How much of the route was he pushing the car up the hills rather than riding in Style?

But indeed! :star_struck: :smile:
Congratulations on the finish. I’m certain the water at Brighton was marvelous!

We were able to participate in part of the London to Brighton Run, but in Wisconsin. In November of 2005 we were visiting in Chicago and took a day to drive the backroads of Wisconsin. We came upon a large group of vintage cars and tagged along with the group in our rental car. When they stopped for their lunch break we were invited to join them. It was the North Shore Chapter of the AACA and they were on their 45th annual “Run To Brighton”. They were very hospitable to us and we had a great time. Not sure if they still do this annual event but it might be worth looking into.

annually there is a “New London to New Brighton” antique car rally in Minnesota. Has been going on for 33 years. It is about 120 miles. I don’t know the parameters for the entrants, but they all appear to be pre-1920 in the pictures. Might be worth a look.