Fuel injection kits for carb manifolds


I have been kicking around buying one of those fuel injection kits to replace my carb on my 68 mustang 302. They look good but do they actually work well, or is it just another headache waiting around the corner. Also which one did you guys settle on, the return fuel line and electric fuel pump takes the shine off for me.


Fuel injection has a number of advantages over a carb such as better cold starts, better mileage, quicker starts after having sat for awhile and less maintenance such as tune-ups. Fuel injection just gives better overall performance, it’s the fuel system equivalent of an electronic ignition. The question would be how much do you drive your Mustang? If you are using it as daily transportation then I would say that fuel injection would be a good investment but if you are only using it as a weekend cruiser you probably would never recoup the cost. Besides, isn’t tinkering under the hood part of the fun of owning a classic?


@davegilson0 - While I haven’t personally installed one of the FI kits, I have been close to a handful who have. The Holly Performance Sniper kit is really top notch. A friend installed it on his small-block swapped Jeep and he absolutely loves it. It was an easy install, and it is a self-learning system so there was no tuning to worry about. No significant changes to looks either if you choose to use a larger stock aircleaner.

If you drive your Mustang often and in varying weather conditions, it just might be a good fit for you. The price has come down a lot in recent times, but is still not what many would consider cheap. For the money though, it is a huge driveability improvement.

also- check out Hagerty’s video on installing one on a big-block Chevelle. It gives you a pretty good idea of the process.