Garage find, almost new 23 year old


This vehicle was still driven occasionally but it’s still a “can’t pass up” find.
A year ago I was told of a 95 Jaguar XJS conv… I went to see it and bought it on the spot. Other than a couple rock chips, this was a new car with 36, 429 miles, owned by one family (uncle bought new past on to niece).


Sexy looking! I was recently in Florida looking to buy a work truck, and not finding anything, I started looking at convertibles, and the first hit was a 1999 Mercedes CLK320. It was a beautiful brilliant fluorescent blue, and long story short, I drove it four thousand miles home. 48,000 miles, a tiny bit of body work here and there, but what a beauty for $4,000!!!


I also should mention I bought it from a dealer who had just picked it up at the auction. So not much is known about the history except that the title was signed by somebody other than the listed original owner. Gentleman probably died I’m guessing. Also when you fill the gas tank, gas runs out at quite the pace from the filler area. I’ll drop the gas tank and see what the damage is. But I had a beautiful drive home at 28 miles per gallon. I really love the car and at 6’ tall, I’m very comfortable in it. And the top is LIKE NEW, but typical Mercedes, it doesn’t go down, something else to repair



Good looking ride; that vehicle will serve you well for many years.