Gener-nator ( Good or Bad)


I have been in contact with a company in Oregon called gener-nator. I ship them my old generator and they gut it and build a new alternator inside the original casing. It looks like the old generator outside, but is an alternator inside. Does anybody have any information on this and how good do they work? They are rather pricy.


I have heard of conversions like this, but unfortunately do not have anything any experience with that specific company.

The conversions work like alternators and are pretty simple. If you are a person who doesn’t trust generators for whatever reason but need to maintain stock appearance, it is a great option.


I don’t see any benefit to this expense, personally. Generators are very reliable- remember that they worked fine on everything that had a battery for 60 years until Chrysler brought the alternator to market. Generators do, though, take a little more attention to maintain to perfection, and mechanical regulators require specific knowledge mostly lost to the sands of time. I have an old insert from a Standard regulator with adjustment instructions around here somewhere.
If I was upgrading charging system for higher capacity, like A/C and power windows, or planning long tours like Power Tour or Route 66 I’d just fit a modern alternator and swap the gennie on for the shows if you want it.


Thanks for your input. My problem is my car is a 6 volt, and it has certain issues like dimming lights when slowing down, and hard starting when hot. I’ve been told an alternator will help with the dimming lights, but I want to keep it looking original. I need a new generator anyway, so I thought this might be the best solution.