George’s 1919 Dodge from It’s A Wonderful Life warms hearts all year long


Keith Smith starts the engine of the old car in his garage. Although the jalopy is nearly a century old and it has been several months since he took it out for a spin, it sputters to life without complaint. Stored safely at the rear of the building, the open-air motorcar is Smith’s pride and joy. You’d be forgiven for wondering why.

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That’s a cool car to own,I think the 37 Olds from a Christmas Story is still around in Cleveland. What I would really like from “Its a wonderful life” is the Model J Duesenberg Town Car owned by George’s brother!


I have one gest like it and I drive it


It wasn’t George’s brother who owned the Model J Duesey; it was Sam Wainwright.


What a charmer of a story! I’ll be blogging about it on my radio station’s website. BTW Zuzu was not George Bailey’s youngest child in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. That character was little Tommy. Remember, “'Scuse me…'scuse me…I burped.”


Sam Wainwright, “Hee haw!”