Get off your butt and fix that saggy Recaro seat


If you’ve ever driven a car with saggy seats, you know my pain. I’ve written a number of stories about my experience in buying back Bertha, the 1975 BMW 2002 that I sold to a friend in the early 1990s and that sat for 26 years. During that time, the exterior, interior, and mechanical systems deteriorated badly, and over the past few months, I mechanically rejuvenated the car, and now I drive it regularly. I left the body and seats in their distressed states, as they’re part of the story of the history of the car.

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OK, now how about Part II ; sourcing and restoring the Recaro fabric? I have the same seats in the same condition and would like to make them like new.


I was going to ask that, but Tom beat me to it!