Get ready for a six-figure Porsche 914-4


Perusing the traits that Porsche and Ferrari share, including ultra-fast sports cars and matchless racing provenance, you eventually come to “stepchildren.” For Ferrari, it was the 1967–74 Dino, a mid-engine model powered by a V-6 engine designed by Ferrari but built by Fiat (and also used in the Fiat Dino Coupe and Spider). Porsche’s was the 1969–76 914, a mid-engine targa-top roadster born from collaboration with Volkswagen and using an air-cooled VW engine.

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As an original owner of a 1971 914 it is nice to see values going up, but it doesn’t matter to me as that car (and another recently restored '73 2.0) will always stay in the family. I have two boys who luckily inherited the car gene from their father and grandfather, and someday a “new” 914 will go to both of them…


I love 914s but comparing them to a Dino in any way is a bit of a stretch.


We could chase them pretty easily in BMW 2002’s, back in the day. The 914-6 was a different story. Neither were 2002 Turbo’s. 240’Zs were bad news. Fast but catchable on the twisted. But, I digress.


Once again you have written an exciting article about the true reason why I purchased the 914-2.0 in 1976. It was unique and fun to drive, 240Z, Z28, 912’s were all on the street but 914’s did not run with them. I took trips to Big Sur along Highway 1. Looking at 914’s very good one’s have been disapearing much faster than all the others. Collectable one are now rare!