Getting a 44 year old recall?


I recently found out there was a recall on certain Mercury’s: [Recall - Incorrect Certification label] C6D 03/01/1973 …
Recall reads as: L/M No.: C-6D

Date: March 1973

To: All Lincoln-Mercury Dealers

Service Recall C-6D, Incorrect Certification Label on Certain 1973 Mercurys

We have found that the vehicle certification label on some 1973 Mercurys may indicate an incorrect Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and Gross Axle Weight Rating (rear). It will be necessary to affix a new certification label showing the correct weight ratings on all affected vehicles.


Those vehicles on the enclosed list which are currently in your stock must be corrected immediately and prior to retail delivery or trade to another dealer. The owners of the listed vehicles for which a name and address has been printed are being notified directly by the Company and are being provided with new labels which they can install themselves. Most of these customers will probably not be contacting you for assistance. In those instances where a listed vehicle has been sold but the owners name does not appear on the listing, the owners should be contacted by the dealer immediately and advised of this campaign. If the owner cannot be contacted or does not respond by presenting his vehicle for correction within a day or two, return the 1864 along with the owners name and address and we will handle the notification by Certified Mail.


  1. Attach the new certification label over the original located on the rear face of the driver’s door.


Correct certification labels identified by vehicle serial number are enclosed with this mailing.


The labor operation for this campaign is specified below.

Box “B” Install New Label 0.3 Hr.


When you have completed the correction as indicated in the Technical Procedure, please return the first copy only of the 1864 Completion/Claim Form completely filled out and signed by authorized dealer personnel. Only the 1864 Form will be accepted for service campaign claims on this campaign. Any problem encountered in this campaign should be discussed with your District Zone Manager.

My 1973 Merc Comet is one of those vehicles, Does anyone KNOW how I would go about getting this recall handled ? Any suggestions are welcomed !!


call Ford Directly. no dealer is going to understand being that old.