Going to keep one!


What is the better collector car… 1955 pro street 210 502 with 4l80 or 1966 corvette convertible 427 Merlin 4 speed, both in #2 condition. One has to go, which one to keep for 10 year investment?


Keep the Corvette, while prices on C2s are flat, prices on Tri5s have slipped a little. Predicting the future of any car is a crap shoot at best but C2 big blocks will always be desirable. Stock Tri5s will always be desirable as well but custom versions are subject to market whimsy, pro stock is out while pro touring is in, who knows what will be in in ten years!


I agree with @spsmailbox, a C2 Corvette Convertible is likely to have more appeal down the road than a Tri Five Chevy. As an investment, there’s never any guarantees that anyone will make money. I’d look at which car is more likely to hold value down the road, if you make a few bucks when you’re done, then you’ve won.