Great Conversations: Are you a French car fan?

If someone mentions “import cars” to a group of U.S.-based car lovers, there are a few brands that will spring to mind—and probably, they aren’t the likes of Peugeot. The number of French cars that come stateside is certainly fewer than those from other countries, but the passion for these off-beat vehicles is very real.

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When I was in high school I bought a 1957 Renault 4cv for $50 and it hauled my friends and I around faithfully for two years until replaced by another 1957 model, this time a VW beetle. Later, in college I came across a 1958 Panhard Dyna Z and scooped it up. With it’s forward-tilting hood and fender assembly,
noisy and slow 2-cylinder engine and 4-speed column-mounted shifter it screamed of French quirkinesses. It was quite reliable and never failed to start and take you to your destination as long as you weren’t in to big a hurry to get there.

I’ve always been fascinated by French cars, but just the Citroën! When I lived in Germany, I had the opportunity to get a Xantia as a rental! It was so cool to park it at the vocational school I attended, and “pancake” the suspension! And just think! This was a factory car! What I wouldn’t give for one today. But, alas, I found a BMW convertible with a 5 Speed, so I’m happy.