Great Conversations: Respect for the modern V-6

Contemporary pony cars, with their retro designs and modern tech, are hotter than ever; but how do you feel about the fact that many now have cylinder counts below the almighty number of eight? One Hagerty Forums user had his mind changed recently when he picked up a 2014 Ford Mustang equipped with the 3.7-liter, 300-hp V-6.

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Years ago I bought a used 2006 Mustang because I loved the red interior. It was a V6 car and a real oddity at a dealership in my area (you find a handful of new Mustang convertibles for sale every year in a wide radius of here, almost never see used coupes).

It was peppy enough and fun to drive. V6 have gotten significantly peppier since then too.

However, I’d still prefer a V8 if I was in the market for a newer Mustang as I am not convinced V8 are going to be in average Joe vehicles much longer (more V6 F150 sold last year I think I read recently).

Back in my BMW days, I considered V6s to be a crime against truth and beauty. Now I will take any naturally aspirated engine over anything forced induction. Stick and naturally aspirated? I don’t care if it is a three cylinder radial, I’d take it over a hot-V-16 DCT.