Great Front Drivers


Front drivers don’t get a whole lot of love for a variety of reasons – so many people equate them to generic econoboxes, and their handling tends toward benign understeer rather than more challenging, steer with the throttle, hang-the-tail-out terminal oversteer. Perhaps most importantly, it’s tough to do a genuinely impressive smoky burnout in a front-driver, at least without breaking something expensive. Nonetheless, here are some cars that are undeniably great in spite of their original sin of FWD:

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You’ve omitted the brand that made the ten best front wheel drive cars.


@cj1 - Who would that brand be? Lots of brands out there with fun to drive cars that power the front wheels.


Honda. Are there really any other contenders?


Honda has made some fantastic cars, true. When it comes to a fun to drive FWD car though, there is certainly more than just one brand. Early VW GTI’s are an absolute blast to drive, same with just about any Mini. Though you could argue the classic Mini’s are made better by a VTEC transplant.


Have to agree…The exclusion of the Integra Type R is near criminal. Any Si model would have been worthy as well.