Hagerty knows my life

My name is Jeb Boyd, I’m 64 and have been a car guy my whole life. Ever since I was eight years old and my cousin took me for a ride in his bright red TR-3. You could reach out and touch the ground! As I got older, I was around more people who were into cars and the British roadsters were the ones that particularly piqued my interest. I discovered that I was not marque blind…I loved 'em all! Jags, Healeys, Minis, MGs & Triumphs. I’d run into the occasional rarer Sunbeam Tiger, Lotus Elan, or Morgan. So my “car thing” led me to seek employment in the industry. I, as a starry-eyed kid went from sports car shop to sports car shop in search of someone willing to take on a kid with enthusiasm and zero experience. I started for a guy who had a burgeoning LBC business and also a racecar. It was a really well prepared MGB hillclimb car. I live in Southcentral Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, which is just about equidistant between Carlisle & Hershey. You guys have heard of those places, right? So I have spent my entire life in and around cars, I had my own British car restoration shop for 17 years, and have also restored muscle cars from the '70s, mostly GMs.I had a '68 Firebird ragtop that I dragged out of a junkyard, restored, and kept for the next 17 years and 110,000 miles.I drove it from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the top of the Rockies to the bottom of Death Valley, and with the exception of when all my other junk was broken, the car was used for nothing but screwing off and wasting gas. I don’t want to bore the snot out of anyone by going over all the cool things that have happened in my life with cars, but I will say this. I have been extraordinarily fortunate in what being a car freak has done for my life. From cross-country trips, to the fact that I’ve pretty much always had a convertible since I was sixteen, to the people I’ve met and places I’ve been, the cool car has been a part of my life. I joined the Hagerty family a little over two years ago, and much to my surprise and delight, the magazine that comes to me is almost like a diary/journal of my life. I read the road tests…and remember the cars. I read the stories…and remember the places. I read the histories, charts, recommendations, service tips, search missions, and so far have been able to relate to the lion’s share of them. I was never one of those guys who lucked into the wild old Ferrari in a barn that the little old lady sold for $700, but I’ve been in the right place at the right time for a plethora of fun and interesting rides. Oh, and I’m delighted to see so many people from magazines I read for so many years here at Hagerty. I’m looking forward to being here and perhaps sharing some of my adventures and good times with you.


@nikonjeb - Hey Jeb! Thanks for sharing your story and welcome (although might be a bit belated by two years!) to the Hagerty family. We are happy to have you hear in our group of like-minded folks.

Love your MG, I’m sure it is a blast to drive!

Joe from Mo here, Motorsports have been a large part of my entire life. My first wife would say, much too big of a part! But my 2 sons are both car guys, and of course they remember various events from a very young age. I was never much good at regular sports, but thanks to assorted racing wins I now have a few large boxes full of various trophies. And the memories that go with them. Thanks for everything you do here at Hagerty, you have an interesting forum.