Hagerty’s Year in Review video (and a Barn Find bonus)


Whether it was rebuilding engines or an automatic transmission, uncovering dusty, forgotten classics in barns, and warehouses across the country, or rejuvenating old project cars and putting their owners back on the road, 2017 was a hell of a ride. Thanks to you, our fans, for all the views, likes, comments and shares. We love bringing you great automotive content and look forward to giving you more of the good stuff in 2018. Stay tuned for more time-lapse Redline Rebuilds and more Barn Find Hunter, as well as a few new series we have queued up for next year. Thanks for watching, and keep on driving! Subscribe! | http://bit.ly/2iooBxJ

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Ha, I also had a cat napping in my engine bay a time or two! :/)


Oh I see what you did, left us hanging there for the next Barn Find Hunter episode. Looking forward to it


Can’t wait for the next one. Great series, keep them coming in 2018!


Awesome…waiting to see the “new find”. Kind of new to the car interest group, and I really enjoy the information you all are offering. Thanks. New 1961 Corvette owner.