Hagerty Sidedrafts Podcast 4/6: The Upcoming Mid-Engine Corvette


Rumors of a mid-engine Corvette have been swirling for six decades, but the design has never come close to reaching the production stage. Until now. In 2019, Chevrolet will move the Corvette’s engine to just behind the driver’s seat. At least that’s what automotive journalist and industry sleuth Don Sherman claims, as we’ve covered here.

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This will no doubt shock many people but I am not particular enamored with the Chevy Corvette. I did not read the article because my first thought was “big deal, there must be a mud puddle somewhere I can watch dry up”. To the Corvette faithful I say enjoy your car. Just know there are some people that are simply not as impressed with the plastic fantastic as you are.


Yet you took the time to comment - interesting.