Hagerty Vehicle Rating Top 25: Familiar trends and a few surprises


You can now call your old Chevy C10 the hottest vehicle on the collector car market, at least according to the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating. The 1973–87 Chevy C/K moved up from third to take the highest spot in the Top 25, knocking off the Dodge Power Wagon.

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Hi. All… I read an article from Hagerty a while back and it made so much sense that I went out and bought a car. The article was on Mercedes 1986 thru 1989 560 SL s .
I did some additional research and agreed with the article that the cars are going to appreciate in value . So , I bought one. A 1987 560 SL. Low miles ( 50,000) did some minor body work,
some tweaking… I have been offered $ 7,000.00 more than I have in it , in less than 3 months of owning the car. Great Cars, only get better…
Thank you Hagerty.
A. Rick Binaco
Yarmouth Ma.


OK so where is the rest of the list? Those of us with cars not on the top 25 would really like to know where
our cars stand on the listing.


I agree. I really thought the 1950’s-1960’s VW Beetle- German Made - Convertibles would be on this list…
Prices are crazy in California…


AHHHHH, I love you guys but you have got to be kidding! I wouldn’t have any of those things In my collection!


@mike1 The Hagerty Vehicle Rating tracks what’s hot based on valuation and quote activity. So it’s an indication of what has the most interest right now and is gaining value faster than the overall market. In that way it does tell us what’s trending, but by no means is it a subjective ranking of what people should put in their garage.

TL;DR: Buy (and drive) what you love!


I’d also like to see a complete list to see where my 65 Mustang Convertible and 54 MG TF falls in line


I’m starting to see low mileage examples of non M version of the BMW Z3 starting to creep up in value.


I see a couple of vehicles that are probably considered a collector car on that list but really, not too many.

I am also wondering where the vehicles I own would land on the Hagerty list of “hot” vehicles. How is the list determined? Sales, polls, price range, stories? I am puzzled.


How about top 50
Better yet top 100 that would be nice


Cagey1 and Gregn, There are 25 cars on the list, but because of some having the same score, there are several ties.


You have got to be kidding me----the 1990-1997 Lincoln Town car?


Ok, so where is the 1988 924SE?
This model should be separated from the base 88 924S. About 980 built for world wide market, 500 U.S. models.
Intended as a club sport model the SE looks slightly different with its mud flaps and only one manual driver’s side mirror, but light weight materials and koni in the rear with coil overs in the front and MO30 package, performs world’s apart from each other !! Rare, and I think Hagerty should rate it apart from the 924S bunch.


“Datsun 510”?! The Apocalypse really is here.
Why isn’t the Yugo on this list, then?
Or the VW rabbit, as long as we’re valuing cars too nasty even for the crusher.


I will take my '59 and '60 Cads and go for my own top 25 gathered at shows and stop lights with honks and thumbs up to sooth my collecting interests. I know my 50’s horse has left the barn for the 70’s but I am happy with my beasts. It’s getting lonely in the 50’s. Stop by for a ride if you are near.


As President of the North American Vintage Yugo Enthusiasts Association I take offense to that remark! :joy:


Hah, I got my 67 GTO, restored it and put an updated crate 400 Pontiac big block in it. Love :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: my baby


I have a 1992 Thunderbird Sport. It’s a cool car, made only one year. Lightest of the Thunderbirds that year, less options. But it comes with the Supercoupe suspension, front fascia, fog lights, and speed sensitive steering. I wonder if these Sport Thunderbirds will go up in value?


I owned a 1985 Chevy 3/4 ton K (4x4) pickup truck, ordered special and bought new. It was the worst vehicle I have ever driven and I have owned many from most countries. It’s interesting that quality and reliability seem to have nothing to do with collectability.


Decent list and can see them increasing in value. 99 to 2005 911’s will increase because they are a really good value right now, a little ugly in the front…